See what past and present customers say about Enterprise Solutions

What our customers say about their SkillPath on-site training experience:

“SkillPath has offered many different seminars over the years and I have attended various ones. Once again, you knocked my socks off. I did my job well before, but after attending the seminar, I found so many ways to be more efficient and confident.”

— Saskatchewan Highways & Transportation

“I enjoyed, and greatly benefited from, your training. It is almost four years since we started doing training with you, and I can say that the impact has been significant and tangible in our organization.”

— University Health Services, Princeton University

“Going into this seminar, I feared I was going to be bored silly (as with some other trainings I have attended). I couldn’t have been more wrong. The trainer turned what I thought was going to be a waste of my busiest day of the week into the most exciting, knowledge-filled class!”

— Comcast Cable

“This leadership class had seven of our vice presidents in it—so there were some high expectations from the group. We had a fantastic experience and really felt like we got a lot out of the training—SkillPath and their trainers are real pros at what they do.”

— Dolby

“I thought it was fabulous the way that it was presented! The part of the presentation I enjoyed most was learning the techniques for increasing productivity and managing multiple projects.”

— U.S. Army Corps of Engineers