Join forces with us to strengthen relationships with your members or clients through customized learning and development solutions

Partnering with SkillPath Enterprise Solutions enables your association or organization to pass the value of learning and development along to your members or customers.

We join forces with your organization to help you reach your members’ needs through a customized learning and development program. Our solutions can be customized by industry, business competency or organizational need and delivered face-to-face or virtually.

Benefits to partnering with us:

  • Your members gain access to the same type of learning and development systems used by many of the Fortune 1000 companies—often at a discounted rate
  • Timely and trending business topics can be customized for your members
  • Your members gain access to STAR12, an eLearning platform that delivers 400+ topics
  • You can attract and retain members by providing additional value
  • You will be viewed by members as a partner for growth and development in their employees
  • Partnerships offer convenient, one-stop shopping for learning and development needs
  • Partnerships offer immediate access to a national leader for new learning opportunities